"82% of All Chronic Degenerative Diseases are Caused by Environmental Exposure to TOXIC METALS." World Health Organization 1974.

After my wife's doctor suggested chelation therapy for treatment of her chronic FIBROMYALGIA and LUPUS we were shocked at reading the quote above from the World Health Organization while doing our research on the subject of Toxic Metals and how they effect our overall health.

Considering that statement was made over 30 years ago and the fact that our environment has declined with even more toxins that we must deal with on a daily basis, we certainly took his recommendation serious.

Thus began my journey not only to find out the "why" or cause of my wife's health challenges but also to search for the “what" we could do about safely removing her Toxic Heavy Metal Load and to limit our exposure to these deadly toxins in the future.

This site contains everything you will need to know about how people are exposed to some of the most deadly toxic metals in our everyday environment.

You can learn about the toxic metals, experts believe are the culprit behind many diseases,you can also learn about chelation therapy,and which form is the safest for you to consider.

You will be surprised at the amount of information available with just a mouse click that will help you to discover what environmental toxins are being deposited in your zip code from local manufacturing plants.

Would you like find information on vaccines that contain mercury, and how to locate a dentist who can safely remove your "SILVER" fillings that contain Mercury? This can all be found on my website!

From the information compiled here you will also learn about testing procedures for metal toxicity that are available to determine if you may be a candidate for chelation therapy.

We also detail the many chronic conditions caused by toxic heavy metals, including which diseases experts say toxic metals are the culprit and should be removed by chelation.

You could even determine from the information found here if you or a loved one may be suffering from one of these diseases.The ones you have been told by the "experts" "you just have to live with it" without any hope of improving your condition.

This has become somewhat of a mission for us! Seeing first hand the incredible improvement in the quality of life my wife now enjoys after chelation for toxic heavy metals.

I encourage all who are fighting any unexplained health challenges to investigate thoroughly this information and share it with your friends and family.

Good Health to You!

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